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Blasting and conservation

  • The Nooijer stralen & Conserveren B.V. has been around for more than 40 years of experience in blasting and related preserves of metals. All common objects from containers to cranes, from fence work to brackets are like new again. In addition to blasting belongs also paint spraying at the work activities


  • For large and / or longer workpieces such as bridges, large frames, pipes e.g. we have a painting and blasting area at our location on Frankrijkweg
    Dimensions: 42 meters long x 12 meters wide.


Nooijer stralen & Conserveren B.V. has extensive experience in working with national and international coating standards and specifications, which meet the highest requirements in terms of quality and application.

Measuring instruments:

TQC HI0017 ECTESTR 11+ : Conductivity meter to measure the salt content.

TQC DEWCHECK 4: Dewpoint meter, measure the ambient temperatur, beam temperature, air humidity and dewpoint. We have 2 of them: serial number 60246539 en 61495373.

TQC SP1570: Foil thickness gauge, is used to measure beam profile.

TQC LD0800: layer thickness meter for FE/NE, this we use for measuring surface which are not of iron is such as stainless steel.

DEFELSKO FS PROBE: Positector 6000, thickness probe, layer thickness meter.

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