Overlasko Konstruktie has specialised in machining of large and heavy constructions. This concerns (CNC) turning, (CNC) milling, boring, grooving, sawing, drilling, tapping etc. Below overview of our machinery shows the capacity per machine.


  • Facing lathe ø2500mm x 6000mm // ø4000mm x 800mm.
  • Lathe ø1500mm x 600mm // above support ø1100mm.
  • Lathe ø630mm x 3150mm // above support ø500mm.
  • CNC-lathe ø370 x 1230mm with life tools
  • Lathe (NC) ø560mm x 1500mm // above support ø300mm.
  • Vertical boring mill (CNC) ø3200mm x 1500mm.


  • CNC Horizontal boring mill, table type 12000mm x 4300mm with controlled turntable of 50Ton (available from March 2022)
  • CNC Horizontal boring mill, table type 2000mm x 800mm.
  • CNC Horizontal boring mill, table type 1700mm x 1700mm, high 1085mm 
  • CNC Horizontal boring mill, floor type 4200mm x 1950mm x 1050mm (XYZ).
  • Horizontal boring mill, table type 750mm x 320 x 400mm.


We are able to mill grooves in cable drums, both helical and lebus grooves.

ø4000mm x 4000mm // ø1500mm x 6000mm.


Band saw machine, max. ø360mm.

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